How to buy Crypto by CC?

To buy crypto by credit card is easy, much easier than you think.

Firs you need to download Meta Mask app. Go here and download Meta Mask.

To follow the whole procedure how to buy with crypto with credit card on Meta Mask look at this video.

Now after you bought ETH (Ethereum) you have to go to your order on our shop.

After you was fill your delivery address you will be redirected to "Available Payment Methods", choose "Crypto Group Payment" and  "Ethereum Payment".

Now you have to choose ETH payment, and you will receive an address something like: 0x7a1363.......3, copy address and go to Meta Mask application and send ETH to us.

Look at the images how to send or video below.

How to buy Crypto by CC?

1. You have to make sure you have ETH.

How to buy Crypto by CC?

2. Put our addres in search bar.

How to buy Crypto by CC?

Feb 26, 2024 Tom

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