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Acivir Eye Ointment
Cipla, India

Manufacturer: Cipla
Substance: Aciclovir
Pack: 1 tub (5 g/tub)

40.00 USD  
Velpaclear 100 mg

Manufacturer: Abbot
Substance: Sofosbuvir, Velpatasvir
Pack: 1 bottle (28 tab/bottle)

506.00 USD  
Acivir DT 200 mg
Cipla, India

Manufacturer: Cipla
Substance: Acyclovir
Pack: 100 tabs (200 mg/tab)

84.00 USD  
Valcivir 1000 mg
Cipla, India

Manufacturer: Cipla
Substance: Valacyclovir
Pack: 12 tabs (1000 mg/tab)

46.00 USD  
Acivir 400DT
Cipla, India

Manufacturer: Cipla
Substance: Acyclovir
Pack: 20 tabs (400 mg/tab)

26.00 USD  
Acivir Cream 5%
Cipla, India

Manufacturer: Cipla
Substance: Acyclovir
Pack: 1 tub (5 g/tub)

6.00 USD  

Harpes and the Perfect Prevention for You

When you have sex vaginal, anal, or oral with someone who is infected, genital herpes (herpes on the penis, vagina, or vulva, in the anus, or in other parts of your genitals such as the scrotum -the skin that houses the testicles-) is transferred via skin-to-skin contact. As a result, the best approach to avoid contracting herpes or other sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs) is to avoid coming into touch with another person's genitals or mouth.

However, because almost everyone has sex at some time in their life, understanding how to have safe sex is crucial. When having sex, using latex condoms and dental dams to protect yourself reduces your chance of contracting an STD.

How Harpes Goes On?

Herpes may survive in places where condoms don't protect you (such as the scrotum, buttocks, upper thighs, and labia). As a result, the condom may not always protect you against herpes. The condom, on the other hand, reduces your chances of contracting herpes.

If you have a herpes breakout, avoid having intercourse with anyone because this is when it is easiest to spread. Herpes can also be transmitted without the presence of blisters or symptoms. Even if you look and feel well, it's vital to use latex condoms and dental dams. The Anti-Herpes steroids are the best options also.

How do I make sure I don't infect anyone else with herpes?

Try not to be alarmed if you discover you have herpes. There are various techniques to avoid spreading HPV to other regions of your body and passing it on to your partners (sticking it).

  • When having oral, anal, or vaginal sex, always use latex condoms.
  • Consult your doctor about taking herpes medicines on a daily basis to reduce your risk of transmitting the infection.
  • While you're experiencing a herpes outbreak, avoid having intercourse, even if you're using a condom. There might be sores where the condom doesn't cover.
  • Wait until the wounds are totally healed and the scabs have come off before having sex.

You should avoid touching your herpes sores to avoid spreading the infection to other regions of your body or to other individuals. If you come into contact with a sore, wash your hands immediately with soap and water.

Wet your contact lenses with saliva (drool) to avoid spreading (passing) oral herpes (mouth herpes) to your eyes. Do not kiss anyone if you have a mouth sore (herpes in the mouth), especially newborns, children, or pregnant women.

Always inform your sexual partners that you have herpes before engaging in sexual activity so that they can assist each other protect themselves and avoid becoming infected. It's tough to tell someone you have an STD, although herpes is quite common and does not cause significant health concerns. Make an effort not to feel ashamed or concerned about it.


Herpes patients are twice as likely to get HIV as those who do not. HIV-positive people are significantly more likely to transfer the virus on to their sexual partners. As a result, using a condom to protect yourself and your sexual partner is critical.

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